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The lyrics make use of vaguely political images while Rihanna makes a variety of car references. They premiered the track on Beats 1 Radio following a surprise marketing campaign see below. The song may not be entirely new. Just over a month later, Pharrell shared his own Instagram post with almost the same caption: Pharrell claims that the original beat and second half of the track was made for Puffy , then passed to Rihanna before they decided to keep the track for their own album. What have the artists said about the song?

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Her mother, Monica Braithwaite , is a retired accountant of Afro-Guyanese background, and her father, Ronald Fenty, is a warehouse supervisor of Afro-Barbadian and Irish descent. Rihanna’s childhood was deeply affected by her father’s addiction to crack cocaine and alcohol , which contributed to her parents’ strained marriage.

As a child, she went through a lot of CT scans for the excruciating headaches she suffered: Beginnings and debut In , Rihanna formed a musical trio with two of her classmates. Without a name or any material, the girl group managed to land an audition with Rogers who commented, “The minute Rihanna walked into the room, it was like the other two girls didn’t exist”.

About 40 minutes in we saw Rihanna for the first time, showcasing a Hellraiser-like hair-do. 3. Gwen Stefani Kicks Off a Tribute to Pharrell Williams Because Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson rips rapper B. B tweeted “knowledge” to followers CNN It’s the story that just keeps on giving. B launched into an incredibly bizarre Twitter rant insisting that the Earth is flat and we’ve all been lied to. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson felt compelled to politely point out the scientific inaccuracies in B. In response, the rapper released a diss track, “Flatline” in which he compared himself to Malcolm X.

The bizarre song also suggested listeners research Holocaust denier David Irving and discussed conspiracy theories about Freemasons and “mirror lizards. Tyson then hit back with his own track — laid down by his nephew, Stephen. Dear bobatl , as an astrophysicist I don’t rap, but I know people who do. This one has my back: Tyson took the Twitter beef off the social media platform and into the real world.

B may be regretting his tweet: The earth looks flat because 1 You’re not far enough away at your size 2 Your size isn’t large enough relative to Earth to notice any curvature at all.

New Song: Bruno Mars – ‘Gorilla (Ft & Pharrell)’

Diana’s personal letter on marriage breakdown up for auction Video provided by ET Online A Gwen Stefani song does not infringe on the copyright of the No Doubt singer’s one-time hairdresser, a California federal judge has ruled. Who got the fire? Later, though, several of Morrill’s claims were dismissed. District Judge Dolly M. Gee on Tuesday Oct. In short, she found the works aren’t substantially similar.

Rihanna Responds To Trump Playing Her Music. The pop star speaks out. Pharrell To Trump: Don’t Play My Song. The Grammy winner is not here for Megyn Kelly Not Welcomed Back To Fox News.

So… when we received a tip accusing Kola of homewrecking we were pretty shocked. Check out these claims and tell us if you think they seem realistic: For a long time after the break up they were hooking up, even when she had a boyfriend who is still her boyfriend mind you though she has never not once said she has a bf and back when Pharrell was first dating Helen. To this day, Vashtie is constantly hitting up Pharrell, checking in on him, emailing him, and asking him for help with her career.

He feels bad because he was her true love and now he is having a family with someone else so he will to this day put her on for most of her career moves. He funds a lot of her Violette line, gave her the supreme look on Karmaloop which he is creative direct of, and lets her collaborate on a lot of BBC stuff still. Not to mention throws videos her way, and connects her with huge huge brands. She could never get on her own.

She is a serious clinger. Its disrespectful at this point.

Amal Clooney, Rihanna, and Donatella Versace to Host 2018 Met Gala

Pharrell Williams Rihanna has sparked rumours she’s dating hip-hop star Pharrell Williams , after he was spotted leaving her London hotel several times during her stay in the British capital. It’s no secret that Rihanna and Pharrell have chemistry. And not just in the studio – they seem mesmerised by each other The Umbrella hitmaker split from ex-boyfriend Chris Brown earlier this year 09 following a well-publicised fight in Los Angeles in February 09 , which left the Kiss Kiss singer facing criminal charges.

He was handed a community service order and five years supervised probation after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna last month 22Jun The 21 year old has since been romantically linked to Lil Wayne’s protege Drake, but the pair has dismissed the rumours – and now reports claim she’s moved on by dating the N.

Apr 03,  · alexa chung and pharrell williams dating akshara hassan dating jason jeyaseelan Jul endorsement deals with. Porsha williams defends miley celebrity get the q awards. autopsy. Porsha williams defends miley celebrity get the q awards. autopsy.

Way I’m lookin at you whatever keep lookin at me Don’t fear me baby, it’s just Justin It feel good right? I kind of noticed something wasn’t right In your colorful face It’s kind of weird to me Since you’re so fine If it’s up to me your face’ll change If you smilin’, that should set the tone Just be limber And If you let go, the music should groove your bones Just remember Sing this song with me Ain’t nobody love you like I love you You’re a good girl and that’s what makes me trust ya Late at night, I talk to you You will know the difference when I touch you People are so phony Aren’t you sick of the same thing?

Maybe we’ll fly the night away I just wanna love you baby Yeah, yeah, yeah Maybe we’ll fly the night away I just wanna love you baby Girl Ma, what you wanna do? I’m in front of you Grab a friend, see I can have fun with two Or me and you put on a stage show And the mall kids, that’s how to change low From them you heard “wow, it’s the same glow” Look at me, I say “yeah, it’s the same dough” We the same type, you my air of life You have me sleeping in the same bed, every night Go rock with me, you deserve the best Take a few shots Let it burn in your chest We could ride down Pumping N.

Timberlake Now how heavy is that? Ain’t nobody love you like I love you Can’t love you like I do You’re a good girl and that’s what makes me trust ya Trust ya like I do Late at night, I talk to you Hey You will know the difference when I Break this down You know, I used to dream about this when I was a little boy I never thought it would end up this way, Drums Hey It’s kind of special right?

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She was presented with an area of land in Appes Hill, St. James, Barbados, in a tribute to her work. In Combermere Schoool, she formed a musical group with two of her classmates. In , she was crowned Miss Combermere in a local beauty pageant, as well as performing in the ‘Colours Of Combermere’ school show.

Feb 27,  · Well, it seems that love is well and truly in the air this weekend, as it’s been rumoured that Rihanna and Drake are now, once again, an item.

The playground know-it-alls were getting louder about the Santa Claus myth, and — though the logic of your coupon-clipping parents buying all those presents was shaky at best — the flying sleigh deal seemed even more dubious. You were pretty sure that there was no Santa Claus, because all evidence pointed that way. Then, your parents confirmed that Santa was a lie, and it basically ruined your life.

As we go into the Live Playoffs of The Voice, just remember this: So will, we can assume, the plaid rock star tears that are falling over the fact that Gwen Stefani is actually dating Blake Shelton. Other than getting ready to shield eyes if at even a hint of PDA, there were some live performances to contend with, and — surprise — more of them than expected.

The final 20 completely morphed to the final 24 thanks to a Carson Daly rules twist. In addition to the five contestants on each team that advanced this far, each coach brought an eliminated contestant back to compete. The two comeback artists and the actual finalists of teams Adam and Gwen performed last night for their shots at the Top Even the typically impressive Regina hits some flat notes.

Her tone is lovely, and she only has minor struggles in the lower register early in the performance. Jeffrey Austin Jeffrey Austin is really finding his niche on the show as the second coming of Sam Smith. Ummm…you could be disappointed and kicking yourself? Team Gwen Comeback Artist:

Calvin Harris ft. Katy Perry, Pharrell, & Big Sean: ‘Feels’ Stream, Lyrics & Download – Listen Now!

Hidden Figures Review Very Good This film recounts such a great true story that we don’t mind the fact that it’s all a bit too warm and polished, or that it kind of ignores its side characters. The central events, which took place more than 55 years ago, touch on big issues that have a strong present-day relevance. And the acting is excellent from a gifted ensemble cast. So even if the filmmaking isn’t very complex, the themes resonate strongly.

It’s set in Virginia, where Nasa is losing the space race to the Russians.

Sex & Dating. Shop. Subscribe. Music. Meet the Mastermind Behind Rihanna’s Wild Grammys Performance Claire Valentine. Art Basel and Gentle Monster, and envisioning and executing music videos and live performances for Pharrell, Alicia Keys, Grimes, AlunaGeorge, Banks.

Courtney Sanford died while posting to Facebook about one of her favorite songs Scroll down for video A year-old North Carolina woman is dead after slamming her car head-on into a truck while posting selfies and a Facebook update about how happy she was while listening to a Pharrell song. Courtney Sanford, of High Point, crossed the center median of a busy road Thursday morning just after making the post, hit a recycling truck and died, police said.

Further inspection of her phone revealed pictures posted online only minutes earlier. The last words Sanford shared with her friends? The recycling truck was only feet away, also in the grass. The truck hit a tree. Sanford made this post only seconds before her life ended, police said The end: Sanford’s car burst into flames after slamming into a truck and careening into this ditch Snarled: Rush hour traffic was brought to a standstill as police investigated the wreck Authorities believe she was traveling at about 45 mph at the time of the accident.

Alcohol and drugs have been ruled out as a cause, but police are still running a toxicology report to confirm, sources told WFMY. She died instantly, cops said. The truck driver was unharmed.

Pop review: NERD: No One Ever Really Dies

Ask this question to a celebrity and you will get the answer that it worths millions of dollars. Five big names of the music world are certainly aware of what their names worth. In the latest rue on big names in music industry a lawsuit has been filed against a clothing retailer for using the photos, lyrics and names. Rihanna Frees Herself From The Past With Chris Brown By Talking About Their Troubled Romance These music celebrities have complained that the retailer did not seek permission from them before using their names of merchandise and has revoked intellectual property rights.

In the law suit, it has been stated that prior warnings were sent by the plaintiff to the retailer, but no corrective action was taken on their part. Dozens of merchandise were still available in the market with the violation.

A recently resurfaced picture of Prince Harry’s room at Eton College in shows the thenyear-old high-schooler grinning beneath a tapestry affixed with a cutout photo of Halle Berry.

To celebrate all of these moments — and some in between — we have selected some of ‘s most emotional moments below. Grab your tissues, there will be tears. Omar and Sue’s engagement video Who didn’t well up at Omar’s amazing, romantic proposal to the lovely Sue? The couple had not seen each other in four months, due to the fact that Omar’s job took him away from home regularly.

When he decided to propose, he went all out, getting Sue’s family and friends around to serenade her before surprising her. This is emotional stuff — you will most likely cry! Lorraine Whyman’s wedding Lorraine Whyman’s wedding to Jon Callahan looked just like any other wedding — beautiful bride, beautiful dress, smiling and happy newlyweds. However, the couple’s wedding day was bittersweet, as Lorraine may only have two years to live. The stunning bride was diagnosed with breast cancer last May, and decided to exchange vows with the love of her life in a dream ceremony.

Speaking to a local paper at the time, she said:

Rihanna – Lemon (Lyrics / Lyric Video) feat. N.E.R.D