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Najbolji xat chat hr portal! Chatajte i upoznajte nove prijatelje na chatu! Sada u Flash formatu. HR – Home Facebook Chat. The HR agent can open a case from the HR – Hrvatski homepage m. HR offers two basic services:


It was built at the beginning of the 17th century, as a Latin inscription on the side door of the church testifies. The bell tower of the church was finished in the 18th century. The church was built by local masters and combines elements of gothic, renaissance and early baroque architecture. In a niche above the ornate stone entrance you can see a statue of St.

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Audrey Wasilewski Through the Garfield strips, there have been many additional characters, but the main ones are described here. June 19, I’m not overweight, I’m undertall. His 9 Lives to be Mama Leoni’s Italian Restaurant who immediately ate all the pasta and lasagna in sight, thus developing his love and obsession for lasagna and pizza.

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History of Croatia Zagreb is a city with a rich history, with Roman settlements such as Andautonia existing as early as 1st century AD. During the former Yugoslavia , Zagreb remained an important economic node in the country, and was the second largest city. After the dissolution of Yugoslavia , Zagreb became the capital of Croatia. Alongside the bishop’s see the canonical settlement Kaptol developed north of the Cathedral , as did the fortified settlement Gradec on the neighboring hill.

Both settlements came under Tatar attack in As a sign of gratitude for offering him a safe haven from the Tatar the Croatian and Hungarian King Bela IV bestowed Gradec with a Golden Bull , which offered its citizens exemption from county rule and autonomy, as well as its own judicial system. According to legend, Bela left Gradec a cannon, under the condition that it be fired every day so that it did not rust.

Gradec – A old fortified town part of the Upper Town Fighting ensued between the Zagreb diocese and the free sovereign town of Gradec for land and mills, sometimes also for political reasons.

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After Croatia declared independence from Yugoslavia, Zagreb was proclaimed its capital. Both settlements came under Tatar attack in As a sign of gratitude for offering him a safe haven from the Tatars the Croatian and Hungarian King Bela IV bestowed Gradec with a Golden Bull , which offered its citizens exemption from county rule and autonomy, as well as its own judicial system. Zagreb was chosen as the seat of the Ban of Croatia in under ban Nikola Frankopan. At the invitation of the Croatian Parliament , the Jesuits came to Zagreb and built the first grammar school , the St.

Značajke društvene mreže «Dating» malo je sličan standard «socijalne mreže». Ovdje nema web stranice. Komunikacija se odvija putem službenog programa, koji je i pogodan je za sve moderne OS.

Ekrem Spahic etc. Anybody wishing to study the history of Islamic culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina seriously should consult numerous works of Hamdija Kresevljakovic , an outstanding Muslim Croat, member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb, author of an important monograph about history of Croatian literature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more information see [ Karihman ]. It should be noted that the literary and scientific activity of such intellectuals has been severely suppressed during the 70 years’ Yugoslav period, resulting that today a very small percentage of the entire Muslim Slav population in BiH and Croatia has the awareness of its Croatian roots.

Hrvati islamske vjere We can document the equivalence of the name of Bosniak and Hrvat during many centuries, until the Yugoslav period see below. It seems that the final and almost complete national individualization of Muslim Slavs took place only during the tragedy they experienced during the Serbian large-scale aggression on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period of the aggression against BiH started already in October by the slaughter of the Croats in the Herzegovinian village of Ravno.

This aggression found Muslim officials totally unprepared. Moreover, when Vukovar and the whole of Croatia were bleeding, being systematically destroyed in the second half of , president Izetbegovic declared “This is not our war”, believing naively that the Yugoslav Army and armed extremists would not dare to do the same in Bosnia – Hercegovina. Of course, the national individualization was strengthened also during the tragic conflict with the Croats in , which was one of the well prepared results of the Serbian aggression.

The equivalence of the name of Bosniak and Croat in the early period of the Ottoman occupation of Bosnia is documented by the famous Turkish historian Aali in his work Knhulahbar, also known as Tarihi Aali. He gave the following description of the properties of Croatian tribe as he calls it in Bosnia: As regards the tribe of the Croats, which is assigned to the river Bosna, their character is reflected in their cheerful mood; throughout Bosnia they are also known according to that river Then follows an interesting passage describing virtues of the Croats in Bosnia.

Let us cite it in Croatian, in Basagic’s translation the original text in the Arabic script and its translation can be seen in [ Karihman ], p.

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Calendars, silent witnesses to the passing of time. The latest NUL acquisitions Objavljeno 2. Apart from representing a calendar year in months, weeks and days, calendars often highlight national and religious holidays, traditional names and the names of saints. Calendars may appear in different forms — there are wall and desk calendars as well as those which are part of diaries or personal organisers.

They are classified as serial publications and, apart from data on a current year, they frequently include all sorts of miscellaneous information, educational content and recreational reading. The presentation of the chronological segments of the year is their primary purpose, but owing to their transformations through different periods and the fact that they have always served as an accurate reflection of current social conditions they have been widely popular for centuries.

In the Acquisition Department of the National and University Library in Zagreb procured several old calendars dating from the period of s and s which bring us a unique and authentic picture of that time. Kalendar Bayer, Osijek,

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June 19, I’m not overweight, I’m undertall. His 9 Lives to be Mama Leoni’s Italian Restaurant who immediately ate all the pasta and lasagna in sight, thus developing his love and obsession for lasagna and pizza. He is known for saying “breathing is exercise”. In addition to being portrayed as lazy and fat, Garfield is also pessimistic, narcissistic, sadistic, cynical, sarcastic, sardonic, negative and smug.

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Objectives Particular objectives of the working groups WG research include: This includes the knowledge on magmatic and metamorphic processes, on their relative sequence, as well as their dependence on P-T and broader tectonic processes. This will enable the formulation of geodynamic models and improve correlation with neighbouring terrains and relevant igneous-metamorphic complexes. The specific goals are: Field sedimentology, stratigraphy and detailed provenance analysis of clastic units could provide knowledge on the role of recycling, the types of sedimentary basins and their tectonic environments, the propagation of tectonic structures as well as ocean closure.

A further goal is to improve the often problematic correlation of isolated and patchy outcrops of deformed Cretaceous clastic successions along the Dinarides.

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